film // Sonoma International Film Festival 2011

day four:

We rode headlong into the Sonoma International Film Festival on our (t)rusty ol’ bikes—cameras slung over our shoulder, reporter’s pad in our front pocket, pens gripped between our teeth.  We’ve posting a little recap of each day of the film festival, and here’s yesterday: day four.

Is it really over? We forget what it’s like to exist without the film festival . . . can we survive on non-street food? Welcome back to the real world!

Day four of the festival brought us fascinating Q&A’s with thoughtful filmmakers, comparing notes on favorite films and some last minute screenings of inspiring films. Take a look at the video to hear from some of the award-winners!

Click through to see the other three videos from the other three days . . .

day three:

I think we’re all starting to get the hang of this film fest—was it just us, or did everyone seem to cut a little loose on day three?

Chalk that feeling up in no small part to Sonoma’s own colorful cast of characters (have you all met Rockin’ Paulie?) as well as colorful, iconic stars like Susan Sarandon.  Take a peek at the video—featuring some words from Ms. Sarandon as well as Dr. Frankenfurter playing ping pong . . .

Stay tuned for day four . . . !

day two:

Day two felt quietly busy to us—as if everyone was very serious about this film thing.  Seemed every other person walking around town had a pass flapping from their neck. We caught some screenings, chowed on street food and mingled with German filmmakers.  Day two of the film festival: winning!

Stay tuned for day three . . . !

day one:

We drank bubbly, we chatted with filmmakers, we noshed on gourmet hors d’ouevres prepared atop snack chips, we took in a show at the Sebastiani Theatre and we danced to Beatles covers at Little Switzerland.  It must be day one of the Sonoma International Film Festival.


Sonoma International Film Festival

day one music by

The Sun Kings

day three music by

Sean Carscadden

Chi McClean


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